60 years of obama not quite enough -after baltimore riots the world's goodwill faiths open educators and black americans started designing the most collaborative hub ever seen in america's west baltimore declaration of interdependence of greatest #LearningGeneration with the worldwide is yours to linkin 2030NOW. 1.. 2020now..2019NOW..2018NOW - next event 2017 march celebration of the communities thirgood marshall webbed out of rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com liberty's future nearest you? 1bis
IN THE WORLDWIDE WEB OF SUSTAINABLE YOUTH SOCIAL ACTION LIVES & LIVELIHOODS: A is for AliBabaUni partnership with youth futures of worldwide small enterprises- including olympics celebrations tokyo 2020, franciscan celebrations argentina g20 2018, greatest english language coding celebrations india g20 2019; B is for BernersLee (home space Boston-MIT) and Baltimore the Union of all the peoples supreme justice thanks to the communities that nurtured case law from 1870s and Thurgood Marshall; Baltimore is also gateway to us' greatest environmental hub the Chesapeake bay worlds number 1 fresh watershed; C is for China (being rejuvenated by half a billion under 30s (mainly one-child family members) without whom their elders have no social safety net and hopefully C is for Collaboration Century & Climate open spaces where inclusion with the greatest #learninggeneration needs mobilising MA's LoveQ and RACHEL's open source learning
unionABC - we (Americans British and Chinese) aim to be most collaborative space for open learning and livelihoods

IN SEARCH OF HI (human intelligence)
ours spaces -eg west baltimore-dc supercity: try harder than anywhere to co-create jobs
welcome to one and all who loves to celebrate community and languages : english, chinese, coding

join in our members monthly events - or mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you have jobs-rich event to hub
linkin unwomens to celebrate -empowering first ladies .coming soon unionABCDEFGH.com


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Spring's biggest event -Black America Future Month

Spring's biggest event - The Union at West Baltimore invites you to celebrate the purchase of Thurgood Marshalls Office for the campus and community -over 130 years of community building now coordinated by Rev Al Hathaway
========================draft in more detail
Thurgood Marshall Community invites you to make Youth Intelligence Nets Great Again

YIN: Schools as Imagination Spaces ....
can we urgently get charter out to Education's Secretary Devos that might look like this unless anyone has any youth smarter editing to celebrate with all of us??

============Black American Future Month Invites You...
The Union  out of W Baltimore invites you to make Youth Intelligence Networking great again with the 4 EWTPs
****Education Inclusion  eg Education Commission (GB MA KIM ...)  WorldPossible WISE@Beijing WISE@Madrid  GirlsEdu and QuarterBillionGirls at Brookings&Bangladesh&China (BBC21)
****Financial inclusion of small enterprise world trade platforms
****Energy and Health inclusion
****YIN Hemisphere inclusion of 4 languages – mother tongue, English, chinese coding
The Union brings hope and infrastructures of job creation to families and communities through open education curricula (eg RACHEL) and Cybercentre hubs including Blockchain  trainers webs and EWTP mapmakers
Inspired by Thurgood Marshall’s Baltimore the Union invites hi-trust, hi-tech connections of
Black Americans and Diaspora- Join West Baltimore’s next great celebration in March. Linkin YI futures:
Chinese and Asian Americans and Diaspora : C100, India G20 2019, Japan Spiritual Olympics 2020 (main sponsor jack ma welcomes sporting supercities eg leonsis East Coast )
Franciscan Americans and Diaspora – Argentina G20 2018,
English language speaking Americans and diaspora – education commission : Gordon Brown. Jack Ma, Jim Kim ; G100 Friends of Kissinger Brookings-Jinping and Trump
QuarterBillionGirls empowerment movements started out of Bangladeshi villages and China ’s Tao Baos and Black inner city communities
Arabian Diaspora of Wise @ Beijing   @ Madrid @where do you hope YouthIntelligenceNetworks Urgently Now
Some of Presidents Trump’s most exciting engtrepreneuyrial mentors in the Union can be

10 Feb 2017: one hour from DC to NY The Floating Train Brainstorm of Abe & Trump ...
Abe pushed the proposal  and the Japanese government has offered a low-interest loan to finance up to half the $10 billion-plus first leg of a new maglev line from downtown Washington to Baltimore. That ride would take 15 minutes.
 join in mapping east coast supercity infrastructure (one hour train ride from supercity Baltimore-DC to Apple (BBQNY)
 linking in Chesapeake as World’s Biggest Freshwatershed  (CBDCBBQNY)

Ma and AliBaba promise of first million jobs positions of EWTP in USA and Ali Baba’s borderless map of the greatest environmental labs of YIN and love of youth’s peer to peer language networking and small enterprise networking
Chinese and Asian friends of Kissinger and Jinping (NB collaboration revolution is vital to Jinping – elders in china have no social safety net other than the livelihoods and YIN of half a billion chinese under 30); half the world’s youth live in the environment that is within 3000 miles of beijing and 10% of earth’s land. Sustainability's 17 Collaboration Entrepreneur Goals are the most urgent education-jobs creating curricula of China and developing global youth intelligences

chris macrae text/mobile washington dc 240 316 8157
References Jinping’s 17 speeches at China ’s g20; hos book te rejuvenation of China ; the book on Jinping’s next 5 years by Brookings and C100 collaboration economist Cheng Li