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Thursday, April 30, 2015

in search of quarter billion amy's to edit world record book of job creators

april 2015 is our archive space for www.quarterbilliongirls.com - i was at this mooc where this 23 yera old chiense girl called amy told me that millennium goals were a sick western joke unless we  worldwide beings could map our how quarterbillion chinese women under 30 would be able to earn (happy and free) livings by working hard and brilliantly

so i hope you will all help amy translate into chinese what started a clumsy scottish attempt to adapt the english language game of consequences- in that game mr a meets miss b - a says to b; b says to a; the impact investment consequence is and the worldwide twitters;

what would happen if we made that game 10 dimensional - and each of A (Amy)  to J (Jack Ma) were different typoes of world record job creators

we'll up date our map here -or if you can seriously linkin text washington dc 240 316 8157 or email isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com