60 years of obama not quite enough -after baltimore riots the world's goodwill faiths open educators and black americans started designing the most collaborative hub ever seen in america's west baltimore declaration of interdependence of greatest #LearningGeneration with the worldwide is yours to linkin 2030NOW. 1.. 2020now..2019NOW..2018NOW - next event 2017 march celebration of the communities thirgood marshall webbed out of rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com liberty's future nearest you? 1bis
IN THE WORLDWIDE WEB OF SUSTAINABLE YOUTH SOCIAL ACTION LIVES & LIVELIHOODS: A is for AliBabaUni partnership with youth futures of worldwide small enterprises- including olympics celebrations tokyo 2020, franciscan celebrations argentina g20 2018, greatest english language coding celebrations india g20 2019; B is for BernersLee (home space Boston-MIT) and Baltimore the Union of all the peoples supreme justice thanks to the communities that nurtured case law from 1870s and Thurgood Marshall; Baltimore is also gateway to us' greatest environmental hub the Chesapeake bay worlds number 1 fresh watershed; C is for China (being rejuvenated by half a billion under 30s (mainly one-child family members) without whom their elders have no social safety net and hopefully C is for Collaboration Century & Climate open spaces where inclusion with the greatest #learninggeneration needs mobilising MA's LoveQ and RACHEL's open source learning
unionABC - we (Americans British and Chinese) aim to be most collaborative space for open learning and livelihoods

IN SEARCH OF HI (human intelligence)
ours spaces -eg west baltimore-dc supercity: try harder than anywhere to co-create jobs
welcome to one and all who loves to celebrate community and languages : english, chinese, coding

join in our members monthly events - or mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you have jobs-rich event to hub
linkin unwomens to celebrate -empowering first ladies .coming soon unionABCDEFGH.com


Saturday, December 22, 2012

help us improve this 2013 calendar -some dates to confirm

april 8-10 gaylord conference centre - extremely affordable health posters (guest celebrator muhammad yunu)

april 13 university of dc youth enetrepreneur  competition

last sunday in april - join in a stall where 3000 poor youth are visiting  - next meeting in Dc probably 2 january

dc youth calendar2013
help yunus help The Economist celebrate its 170th birthday of mediating end of hunger

help identify and build 10 MOOCs youth most need
help converge calls for microeducationsummit 16 years after dc mistakenly relied on microcreditsummit for too many millennium goals to sustain pro-youth economics

help assemble youth most exciting ideas handbook for publication when yunus testifies at congress (gold medal talk)

help identify startups of 2013 that would be most worth crowdfunding -this project is led by a team out of MIT which would like to linkin all coreners of our globe

help identify which embassies wish to form an association discussing how to turn orphanages into job creating hubs

help celebrate most replicable youth and yunus competition ideas from 4 states Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina , Oregon
emerging mentor and youth clubs:
end food deserts
linking world of bottom-up bioenergy networks
open technoolgy
youth funds
design pro-youth hubs
responsible sports superstars
build world's largest free nursing network

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 can we call for a microeducation summit starting with some journal of social business papers on how to change education - track 1 can student entrepreneur competitions change education and investnent in entrepreneurship - track 2 can the idea of orphanages as job creating hubs and education centres change education; which embassies in dc would like to form an association of knowledge of job-creating orphanages and take this dialogue collectively to usaid- track 3 how can massive open online curricula change education, media and economics? track 4 what need to be alabama's lead procsses in becoming yunus university of poverty and eg how do telecentres connect with that? what else can open tech wizards bring to education? what are abed's other questions about educational innovation ...